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  1. Allevolte Pantelleria is based on values that are visible in every aspect of what we do and that define the Allevolte World. 
  2. We believe that elegance is simplicity and ease immune to trends and an intimate expression of everyone's personality.   
  3. We encourage conscious consumerism, made of less frequent but more significant purchases of ethical and sustainable products.   
  4. We support our craftsmen who make our products with their own hands, cultivating sincere relationships with them and supporting local work.   
  5. We stand for a slower approach to fashion, which produces pieces destined to excite for a lifetime.   
  6. We wish to give those who choose us the means to reconcile with their uniqueness and authenticity, through a radical expression of themselves.   
  7. We celebrate the Mediterranean lifestyle, made of love for life, conviviality and sharing, slower rhythms and in harmony with nature.