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The Friulana

  • These slippers have many names: furlàne, scarpèts, papusse, Venetian, but perhaps the most widespread remains Friuliana, sign of their origin. They are in fact the typical shoes of Friuli and constitute a very ancient tradition. Today's Allevolte Friualane slippers are exclusive creations inspired by the beauty of the island of Pantelleria: we have thus combined the ancient traction of the native region of Maria Cristina, founder of Allevolte, with the inspirations of the island, to offer unique products that you will remember. The use of exclusive and precious fabrics (velvets, silks, brocades, linens ...) and the limited quantities make our offer essential must-haves, appreciated by all people (women and men , since these shoes are genderless!) that seek simplicity in the most chic and fashion expression of their personality. From the 19th century Friulian countryside, where they were born hand-made by women with recycled materials (bicycle tires for the soles, jute bags for the padding and remnants of fabric for the uppers), these shoes are today the emblem of style sophisticated and understated, but also imbued with personality, because each pair is unique and unrepeatable. We have decided to continue making our Friulane with the ancient artisan methods, not industrialized at all, which allow us to continue our commitment to sustainability. Limited volumes and manual techniques ensure excellent quality with minimal environmental impact. Today as then, our Friulian are

    • ARTISANAL: the process is completely artisanal, preventing industrial trivialization, which is why quantities are limited
    • ECOLOGICAL: glues and pollutants are not used in production, assembly is guaranteed by hand stitching along with the use of old equipment that has a low energy impact.
    • SUSTAINABLE: many of the materials used are recycled: bicycle tires for the soles and jute bags for the padding and remnants of fine fabric for the uppers.
    • VEGAN: we do not use animal components or derived from farms.
    • ANTI-WASTE: the production of the shoes is designed to have the least waste of materials in the fabric, ensuring a very low environmental and energy impact.
    • SLOW: manual production requires a large number of hours to be dedicated above all to the stitching of the sole and to the side seam with very dense stitches that join the bottom to the upper: for each shoe it takes more than 300 stitches by hand!
    • UNIQUE: each pair is unique and unrepeatable. Friulana Allevolte is unique, because it is eclectic, looks good with everything, is comfortable and very chic.