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Pantelleria is a Sicilian island immersed in the heart of the Mediterranean, between Italy and Africa, so close to the African coast that it can be seen on the horizon at sunset. There are those who say it is thanks to the volcano that generated it, those who say it is the Arab influences, in Pantelleria there is a mystical and archaic energy that is in fact undeniable for anyone who has had the good fortune to visit it. For us, the island is not simply the stage on which we wanted to stage the Allevolte experience, but it is the ground from which we draw daily inspiration for our collections and on which our philosophy is based. HIDDEN to most, it is an island that must be chosen with some awareness. Just like us, who do not make commercial choices, but offer pieces of research. EMOTIONAL because the island demands strong reactions, it is not made for half measures: you can love it or hate it, but nothing in between. Be ready to take sides. PENETRATING like its African light and the skies cleared by a lashing wind, which enhance the unique colors from which we are inspired: the black of the rock, the gold of the sunsets, the green of the vineyards, the white of the roofs of the dammusi and the blue intense of velvety nights. POWERFUL like its Nature, undisputed queen of the island, severe but also generous, which the Pantelleria knew how to sublimate with unique architectural methods of cultivation, such as our collections. DIFFERENT because it is not an island like any other, like us, that we are proud of our authenticity and our unique and immediately recognizable style.