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In 2001 Maria Cristina, moved to Pantelleria from Friuli, and there opened a boutique of accessories and clothing under the vaults of an ancient Dammuso in the historic center of the island: Allevolte. Here she pours all of her unconditional passion for fashion, fabrics and research. Over time, the boutique has become a unique place in its kind. The shop offers a selection of exclusive and niche brands, the result of continuous research during the fashion week in Milan, Paris and beyond, to discover new brands and products. Allevolte proposes an idea of ​​elegance made of precious and natural raw materials, refined manufactures and attention to detail. The choices made are never commercial, but always original, sometimes daring, appreciated by personalities who know how to make them their own effortlessly. Next to the unique mix of brands, it is the welcoming of Maria Cristina, capable of communicating the passion and love for her work, to make the shopping experience that customers experience under the vaults of via Roma truly special . Visitors are accompanied in absolute relax on a journey through fabrics, textures and shapes along with the story of each brand, sometimes of each garment. Sight, touch and hearing are all involved: the eyes admiring the details of exclusive manufactures, the touch to feel the textures of the fabrics and embroidery, the hearing to listen to the story each piece has to tell. It is thanks to all this that our customers become loyal and often friends. The greatest satisfaction is when, when you come back to visit us, they show off this or that garment purchased years before that continues to excite them despite the weather. Today Allevolte has also become a brand that offers its own line of Friulane slippers. These act as a link between the Friulian origins of Maria Cristina with her place of choice, Pantelleria, and become the most direct expression of her idea of ​​style.